Let's Face it 2020 Sucks



Year 2020 .ec

COVID-19 swept the globe and everything changed. Social distancing and isolation becoming our new way of life. We cancelled our plans, we stopped dressing up (except to take out the bins!) and devastatingly, regular visits to the beauty salon became a thing of the past.
Re-growth showed, gel nails grew out, we trimmed our own split ends, and lash extensions fell by the wayside - the struggle was real.  It was at this point that three makeup loving, glamour seeking, lash extension wearing Melbourne girls decided to take matters into their own hands and began their quest to establish their glam.

And so came the birth of THE LASH PEN.  Your DIY solution for Lockdown Glam!

Gone are the days of messy lash glue, smudgy eyeliner and spending hours in front of your mirror because your stick-ons wouldn’t cooperate. Simply LINE your eye, and LASH then go. Just like a sticky note for your lashes!      

Accompanying THE LASH PEN, is a collection of vegan friendly hand made fine faux silk lashes. Inspired by women around the world, this collection is a representation of the eight feminine archetypes that prevail in today’s contemporary society—the maiden, the vixen,the enigma, the diva, the queen, the huntress, the boss and the lover.