Why VEGAN Friendly Lashes Matter!

We live in a world where there are many buzz words when it comes to beauty products and unfortunately, not all companies are ethical i.e they don’t say what they mean.  So when you see products that say they are ‘cruelty-free’, please do further research before you trust the wording. 

Once upon a time the term mink lashes meant the lashes were made from the furs of the mink animal.  And silk lashes were farmed from real silk.  Both these options are not vegan friendly nor are they necessarily ethically sourced. 

Mink lashes often come from farms that breed the mink purely for their fur.  And before you think they look after them and gently ‘brush’ these animals to obtain their fur, think again. It is more than likely the minks are being killed for it. In fact it’s often a violent death, as they are electrocuted, bludgeoned, gassed, or their necks are broken, and their skins are torn from their bodies while they’re still conscious. (Quoted from PETA). 

If we were to insert pictures here, it would totally gross you out.  So the next time you put on some false lashes, please question where they are sourced from.

We can assure you with a hand on our heart, our lashes are vegan friendly and ethically sourced. Completely faux, so no harm to any animals. We source the best quality faux fibres which is manufactured in South Korea to ensure the lashes have a beautiful and soft feel to them.  They are then hand made and placed on a cotton band for maximum comfort.  All our styles feature several layers to give that  wispy natural look to the eyes!  We value integrity in building our business, and we are not here to mislead you. Besides, have you met our office manager Pepe? She approves of what we do before it makes the cut for us to offer it to you.


Pepi THELASHPEN office manager Vegan friendly Lashes